I hate talking to people and using the phone, so I am glad I was able to schedule my car maintenance check completely online, without having to talk to a single person.

I went to my local Lexus place’s web site and clicked on the “schedule” appointment feature. I set up my appointment online in a matter of minutes. I am sure this will mean I will be getting email spam, but heck, no people!

Here is the summary of my car appointment:

Lexus Schedule Maintenance Appointment

How cool! I love the web.

Okay, need to go to my next in person meeting – chat with you all later. 😉

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  1. Dape

    Eventually all things will happen on line. I am surprised reality programmes have not invaded the net or have they. You seem reluctant to use the phone Barry, Will this mean in your future that we will not have to speak to anyone, what a sad world! Lighten Up and live.

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