Sukkah on Boat in VeniceSo I have been in the new house almost two years now, and this Sukkot, I hope to finally build my own sukkuah. What is a Sukkah? See over here.

What I did was measure my deck, which is typically where people would put their sukkah, if they have a deck. I had my wife draw the deck on a piece of blank paper, since I was holding my baby, then I measured every thing. My deck is not a standard rectangle or square, the rectangle gets smaller on the kitchen side. Now I do not need to cover my whole deck with the sukkah, but it might be nice to.

I am not sure, since this is my first sukkah. A 10 x 20 sukkah would easily fit on the large side of the deck and that might be large enough.

So what I did was make a digital version of my deck’s dimensions, and emailed a few sukkah dealers that came up on Google. I got one response so far, hope to get more. I am looking for something that is easy, but yet will last a long time and be more useful for my deck’s shape and size.

I am thinking that the Sunshine Sukkah as a top candidate, but again, this is premature. I would love to have two doors, possibly three, again, not sure. We will see.

Any Sukkah specialists out there with any advice?

Oh, and how cool is that picture? A sukkah on a boat in Venice.

Update: I purchased the Sukkah from Esrog Headquarters, for more about that purchase, see my blog post named Buying a Sukkah & Planning. The Snap, Klick or Easy Lock Sukkah is now Two Inches Too Long and Esrog Headquarters said they will send replacement parts, so stay tuned.

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  1. Alan K'necht

    Always tough thing matching the sukkah to the deck. I built my own, using PVC pipes (plumping pipes) to form the frame.

    This allowed me to adjust wall high especially along the stairs from my house to my deck and you can use the elbows to go around corners since one side of the house is slightly deeper than the other (I have this issue two). I then you tarps for the walls.

    I collapses very nicely, and goes on a shelf in my garage. It takes about 1-2 hours to assemble and each year it seems to get easier. Of course, once I worked in the material costs plus my labor, I think it cost me more than one of the pre-built and easy to assemble ones.

    Just a thought

  2. Rolando Llewlyn

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