To continue my Sukkah shopping experience, after having purchased and planned the Sukkah, I thought perfectly, I was two inches off. Why you ask? Well, I (we) didn’t account for the extra inch the vertical connecting bars add to the length of the sukkah.

Here is a picture, as you can see, the vertical connecting piece connects the bars across the bottom of the floor (as well in the middle and top).

Sukkah Polls Short

So when you have two of these vertical connecting bars, it adds an additional two inches. Since I can only fit 22 feet on the home side, I was two inches above 22 feet long on that side. Here is a picture of the overlap of the polls:

Sukkah Polls Short

I was worried about the length side of the Sukkah fitting, so that is why I did a test run on putting it up two plus months before Sukkot starts. I called the Sukkah dealer, Esrog Headquarters and explained what happened, and he said he will swap out the middle length bars of 6 feet, to 5 feet, which should make the Sukkah fit fine.

Hopefully this will help others when planning on buying their custom fit sukkah. I also learned that this sukakh is named the Klick Sukkah or the Ease Lock Sukkah or the Snap Sukkah depending on who is selling it. Downloading the Ease Lock instructions (PDF) helped me build the frame, even though I have a custom build.

When I get the replacement parts, I’ll try putting it up once again.

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  1. Jonathan

    I built my first sukka last year, I bought it from Esrog Headquarters also. When I ran into some difficulties I called them up and they helped me out too. Service is king!

  2. andrew

    good thing u planned ahead otherwise u would have no succah and wife would not be happy

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