I often use the search box on this site to find blog posts I have written in the past. I can honestly say, that at least 50% of the time, it doesn’t help me find what I am looking for. So I end up using a different search engine. It just happened again, so I figured I show you what I mean.

I was trying to find my post about getting the NY Jets slippers as a gift, to write about how they ripped. So I conduct a search, using the Google Custom Search box on this site. I search for [jet slippers and I find a single result, but not the result I am looking for:

Google Search Issues

FYI, I am showing a site command search, cause they are the same results you see in the custom search box on this site, just a bit cleaner.

So I then remember, I also wrote about the iHome device I got in the same blog post, so I decide to search for ihome also and it returns the right result this time:

Google Search Issues

Now why would it not show up for the first query? I mean, it is indexed, it is in the title tag and in the content/ Why not show up????

Yahoo found it, so did Bing, why not Google?

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  1. J-E-T-S

    Must be the way Google treats Jet vs Jets. Adding the “s” makes it work fine.

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