I Made a Challah

I made what? It is called Challah (see Wikipedia). Basically, it is bread that is braided and eaten by Jews on the Sabbath and holidays. Here is a picture of it: Okay, fine – I didn’t make it. My wife made it and I came down stairs to see her status with the Challah and


Inquisitor & Kensington Adapter Not Working With Snow Leopard

On Friday afternoon, I installed Snow Leopard which I pre-ordered early last week. The install took about an hour to complete, including restarts and so on. The install went smoothly, so no complaints on that front. Overall, the applications that take advantage of the 64-bit support are much snappier, much. So overall, I am happy


The RustyBrick Designs That Didn’t Make The Cut

Mabe, the RustyBrick designer behind the new site, blogged about her process and challenges when redesigning our site. She shared some screen captures of the designs that didn’t make the cut. I wanted to add one more, one from before Mabe was with us. The first redesign, before Mabe, looked something like this: Then


Went To The Pizza Store Naked…

Today, I went to the local pizza store to pick up food for some of the guys and myself. Yes, the same pizza store that was broken and where I witnessed a big accident. I get in the car and pull away, off to the pizza store. I then realize, I forgot my iPhone!!!! I

Daily Grind

Bureaucracy Is No Match For My Efficiency

Yesterday, my daughter applied for her first passport at the local passport office. I was a bit nervous going in the middle of the day, between two conference calls, to get her a passport, but I came prepared. I arrived at the passport office, meeting my wife and daughter there. We parked in the spots


Pre-Ordered Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I just pre-ordered Snow Leopard from the Apple Store. Snow Leopard is the next version of the Mac operating system, i.e. version 10.6. Apple is selling it for only $29, because it is not a complete overhaul of the OS, so they decided not to charge as much. You can learn more about the update


RB’s 1st Interactive E-Book for the iPhone

Today we announced a new iPhone app we built under our IntuApps brand named Goldilocks. It is a interactive and fun iPhone book available in the iTunes store for 99 cents. You can download it by clicking here. If you want to win a free copy of it, be one of the first to comment


Anti-Semitism Reviews On My Palm Pre App

Our first Palm Pre application was just pushed to the App Catalog. We are very excited about this and you can learn more about the Shabbat Shalom Palm Pre App at our site or download it for free in the App Catalog. What was interesting was that as soon as Palm announced these apps, the