17,000 MilesI was driving just a a few minutes ago and noticed I was at 16,999 miles on the odometer. So I was thinking, when I hit 17,000, maybe I should blog it – since I can blog about virtually anything. But then I thought, who cares? I don’t care that I hit 17,000 miles.

As I was driving, I was getting nervous, what if it hits 17,001 and I miss taking a picture at the 17,000 miles. So I started to slow down, thinking maybe it won’t change as fast. I thought to myself, that was dumb. So I speed up to try to get to my destination faster. Yea, I know, speed doesn’t change the miles it takes to get to a specific destination, but it was interesting to me, to have the feeling that speed did make a difference, even though, intellectually, I knew that had no say in the equation. Jeez, the more I blog about this, the dumber it makes me look.

In any event, you get my point. Even though you and I know speed has no factor in the number of miles it takes to get to a destination, going faster or slower does make you feel that it might be less or more miles. Kind of crazy.

In any event. I did not snap this picture until I arrived at my destination and I was lucky, it stayed at 17,000 miles.

The first time I took a picture of my speedometer was when I showed you how the car warned you if you were going over the speed limit.

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