Our first Palm Pre application was just pushed to the App Catalog. We are very excited about this and you can learn more about the Shabbat Shalom Palm Pre App at our site or download it for free in the App Catalog.

What was interesting was that as soon as Palm announced these apps, the anti-semitism began and a couple (check out the Kosher2Go app) of the Jewish apps already (within an hour) have Anti-Semitic reviews. Here is a picture of the review:

Anti-Semitism On Palm Pre App Reviews

Honestly, I can say I am not surprised. I am a bit surprised how quick it was, because it took some time for our iPhone apps to get hit with these types of reviews. But Palm is actually acting on removing them now, whereas with Apple, they really never removed them – not until they added the policy that people who review apps must buy them. So kudos to Palm!

In any event, you can learn more about our first Palm Pre App at our Shabbat Shalom Palm Pre App page.

Website Comments

  1. Dave

    By: Anonymous? – Figures.

    I feel pity for bigoted cowards who are too ashamed of themselves to use a real name.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. vara411

    Not that I need to tell you but pay it no heed. Fools like that deserve no added attention.

  3. Nick Carter

    Whether the comments themselves are ignored by the dev/offended parties or not, they’re also leaving negative reviews for an app that obviously doesn’t even apply to them in the first place, bringing down the average. Someone at Palm needs to take out the garbage.

  4. MDL

    WOW – I kinda hoped that people who’d by the Pre were beyond this level. Proves you can have good tastes in technology and still be an ignorant fool.

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