Yesterday, as many of you know, I flew first class for the first time. It was a really nice flight, we took off on time, landed on time, quick to the gate, quick to exit (non-of that was due to 1st class). But the space, leg room, food, bathroom, and comfort of first class is nice.

Anyway, I was actually surprised to see that they upgraded the kosher meal to a “first class” version of the kosher meal.

It started with an appetizer:

App: First Class Kosher Meals on Continental

Then the main and dessert courses came together:

Main: First Class Kosher Meals on Continental

The “normal” first class meals had choices of steak and other selections. They also had an awesome looking ice cream dessert, really looked great.

I am not thinking, “I can’t go back to coach.” Honestly, right now, I am thinking that I won’t have an issue with the seat I have on the way back. But I am be a big talker now, I’ll let you know when I land on Friday, how it is. Or who knows, maybe I’ll get upgraded again (wishful thinking).

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  1. Andrew Nevelos

    Ha, you are ruined now. I remember the first time I flew first class. There is always overhead compartment room and leg room. I got to sneer at the common folk as they passed on their way to their cramped little seats. πŸ˜‰ I got to be the first on and the first off the plane. It stunk going back to coach!

  2. Daniel Sevitt

    Wait, are you saying that the food was good or bad?

    I learned a long time ago to stop eating on plane journeys. I had to retrain my natural instincts to eat something that was already paid for even if it’s 3 in the morning. El Al business class is pretty good, but other than that it’s better to skip the meal all together.

    Also I have the feeling that ordering a special meal actually counts against you when it comes to upgrades as they rarely carry the equivalent special meal in higher grades. The only times I was ever upgraded on British Airways or Lufthansa was when I forgot to book the Kosher meal.

  3. Dape

    These type of meals look the business if you eat flesh, try changing to a veggie diet its much healthier and probably tastier.

  4. Barry

    Why eat a veggie diet, thus denying the animals the privilege of serving the very purpose they were created for, to be eaten by us?

    Yes, many people don’t realize that there are different kosher meals for different classes, which is a shame because that allows the airlines to forget sometimes, and people don’t realize they have been done out of an upgraded meal.

    Worse though is the more recent trend to not serve special meals in first class on domestic flights that have meals but are not transcontinental. See here for American’s policy, and other airlines are the same

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