snow leopard issuesOn Friday afternoon, I installed Snow Leopard which I pre-ordered early last week. The install took about an hour to complete, including restarts and so on. The install went smoothly, so no complaints on that front. Overall, the applications that take advantage of the 64-bit support are much snappier, much. So overall, I am happy with the upgrade.

However, there are a few annoyances that would make me reconsider upgrading again.

(1) My most favorite browser plugin, Inquisitor no longer works, and will likely not work anytime soon. I use it all the time, I really didn’t realize how much I use it, until it went missing. I used it to do quick advanced searches to find things on this site, other sites or to remove personalized search from Google or search Wolfram Alpha and so on. I miss it!!!

But as the creator of the tool said (which is now owned by Yahoo), Apple doesn’t allow these plugins anymore, at least not on the 64-bit version of Safari 4.0. He tweeted, “apple no longer allows safari extensions, unless you run safari in 32-bit mode.” Do I miss it that much to go back to 32-bit mode? I might just create a search page and use two clicks, instead of one, to get my advanced search feature going again.

But Apple, either allow us to customize the search box or let us use plugins, please.

(2) In late July, I purchased the Kensington Dual Monitor Adapter in order to get a third monitor working off my MacBook Pro and it worked. Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, that monitor no longer works.

I am still with two monitors, my Apple Cinema Display and the laptop’s internal monitor, but not the third. I can probably get away with just two monitors, until Kensington gets it working. That is why this item is number two.

(3) The finder hangs up a bit and works after a few tries. I am not the only one with this kind of issue. We got one, two, three and four threads with the issue. The fourth shows a screen cast of the issue, so I don’t have to.

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