Mabe, the RustyBrick designer behind the new site, blogged about her process and challenges when redesigning our site. She shared some screen captures of the designs that didn’t make the cut. I wanted to add one more, one from before Mabe was with us.

The first redesign, before Mabe, looked something like this:

1st RB Redesign

Then Mabe came up with this:

2nd RB Redesign

Then this:

3rd RB Redesign

And we finalized on this sweet design, which kept our core colors and look:

New RustyBrick Site

Remember the previous one from a week or two ago:

RustyBrick Live Previous Design

Remember the really old RustyBrick sites?







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  1. Michael B

    Wow, so I finally see the famous “running brick men” that never saw the light of day! I’d like to see the animated version of that, too!
    Also, the 1999 version has cool graphics. Reminds me of a coffee shop 🙂

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