Today, I went to the local pizza store to pick up food for some of the guys and myself. Yes, the same pizza store that was broken and where I witnessed a big accident.

I get in the car and pull away, off to the pizza store. I then realize, I forgot my iPhone!!!!

I considered turning back and getting my iPhone, but then I thought – the whole trip will take me a total of 15 minutes. I thought, I can survive without my iPhone, access to my email, RSS feeds, my phone and so on for a total of 15 minutes. So I continued onward to the pizza store.

I survived, but let me tell you – I felt naked the whole way there, in the pizza store and on the way back. Yea, I don’t touch my iPhone every week for a 25 hour time period, due to Shabbat. But driving a car, being in a store during the week, it just felt incredibly weird that I didn’t have my iPhone.

Yes, I felt like I was in the pizza store completely naked. An awkward feeling for me, and I am sure it doesn’t look that pretty to outsiders. 🙂

In any event, I did survive to blog about this experience. Like I did when the Israeli Consulate seized my iPhone from me back in March.

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