picture lookingWhenever I go places these days and the people I see know who I am and know I had a kid about three months ago, I get requests to see pictures of her. It is a common request, because I don’t post pictures of her publicly.

But one interesting observation is that the majority of the time, the people requesting to see the pictures are women, females. It is actually extremely rare for a guy (male) to ask me to see a picture of my daughter, they just wish me congrats and ask me how I am sleeping. But women, they want to see cute pictures of my kid. Of course, I enjoy showing the pictures.

It is just interesting that 99% of the time, those who ask me to see pictures are women and not men.

You see the image at the right top of this blog post? Well, I did a Flickr search for [looking at pictures] and the first result was of five people looking at pictures of “ellen’s niece.” The funny part, they are all women, no men.

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  1. Kim Krause Berg

    Before I had kids of my own, I coulda cared less. After being a mom, I get all nuts over all babies. Pics, in person, Twitter comments…

    Maybe something happens to our brain cells, LOL

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