Barry Schwartz & Apostolos Gerasoulis of Ask.comI got to many conferences and have access to some of the largest names that speak at those conferences. I often see them in press or speaker rooms, I am invited for Q&A sessions after keynotes, I am often asked to meet one on one or in groups with them for additional questions, and so on. But yet, I never have my picture taken with them.

Many people I know, show off being photographed with famous people in our industry. Such as taking a picture with the founders of Google, being photographed with Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, or Barry Diller of IAC and so on. I just have not done that myself and people sometimes ask me why.

A few reasons:

(1) I am a bit shy.
(2) I am too cool for school and don’t want to be the kid that kisses up to get a photograph.
(3) I am always in a rush and rarely have time at conference to wait to get a picture.

Back in 2007, I snapped a picture with me and the founder of Teoma (now owned by, Apostolos Gerasoulis. Why, well, only uber-geeks in our industry would recognize the face and name.

But maybe I should spend the time and get over my fear of asking to take a photo with these people? I often hear that having a picture with you and a famous person on your blog or web site leads to more credibility for your name and helps you close leads. So maybe going forward, I should take advantage of this opportunity… What do you think?

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