Got My Lulav & Esrog (אתרוג) For Sukkots

Last night, I purchased my (and two others) Lulav & Esrog (אתרוג) for the holiday of Sukkots. The past few years, basically since I have been married, I have rarely picked out my Lulav and Esrog. Why? Well, my father-in-law did, so I didn’t have to go on an airplane with it. This time, the

Motor Vehicle

Car Parking On Top of Another Car

I spotted an article from up in Utica, New York (near Syracuse) that showed a car parked on top of another car. In reality, the car drove through bushes. Past those bushes was a parking lot. But the parking lot seemed to be about 10 to 15 feet below the foor of bushes. Here is

Daily Grind

Pretend Sleep Walking To Rest During Bathroom Run

Often when I walk to the bathroom, down the hall from my office, I decide to do so, with my eyes closed. There is something refreshing about walking and having your eyes closed. I am not sure what it is. But when you are exhausted and tired, try it. Of course, I am a bit