Yea, I was in the very exciting local pizza shop and there was a lady there with a bird on her head. I kid you not. Here is a picture:

Bird Lady in Pizza Store

Why a person has a bird on their head in a pizza store, I don’t get. Maybe she was hopping to catch a streak of good luck and get bird poop on her head (they say it is good luck, don’t they?). Speaking of bird poop, don’t forget to check out my best (worst) bird poop cars post, if you missed it. I actually got nailed by bird poop at least twice – I didn’t feel lucky afterwards.

I have blogged about this pizza store at least twice prior. One, there was a Big accident at the corner of the store and the whole pizza store was broken at one point.

I also have a history with dead birds. They continue to fly into my windows and due to the window accident they need crack cocaine to relieve the stress, but ultimately die on an overhang due to the addiction.

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