hummer h3Earlier this week, I got in a minor accident which required that I bring in my car to get the front bumper fixed. FYI, this is only my second real accident in my life.

In any event, yesterday – I dropped off my car at the dealership to be fixed. From there, I had Enterprise pick me up from there and get me a rental. My insurance pays $30 a day for a rental, so I decided to get one.

Enterprise had a bunch of cars available for $30 per day, but they also said for a few buck more per day (about $10) I could get a Hummer H3.

I thought about it for a bit, thought how much I hate big cars (I hate driving them, I hate seeing them on the road, etc). I figured, heck – why not drive one for a few days. So I got the Hummer H3 for a few days. Why not? It isn’t like I have to keep it for three years – so give the big car a try.

The car is huge. It feels like a truck. It handles very well. It has very good acceleration for a car (truck) that size. But it is big, big. Coming from very small cars, my whole life, maneuvering with this one is different. I am very careful when backing up, making turns, pulling in/out of my garage and so on.

But at the same time, it does make you feel empowered when driving on the road. You know, like you are the big kid in the class and no one can mess with you. I drive around, with my huge engine and car and think – hey, I can drive over that car. Not that I would, but you know the feeling.

In any event, I will likely return the car in a few days and get my small car back. I doubt I will regret renting the Hummer. It is fun trying out new cars. So why not make the best of a bad situation (the accident)?

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  1. Max

    I had a chance to drive H2 and I should admit – it is much more fun to drive one than looking at it. It is huge inside, but makes you feel so comfortable and secure – like almost at home in your recliner in front of TV 🙂 There is so much space in it – you can have a party, and cooler fits in on the floor in the back or between the front sits just fine 🙂 It’s definitely an experience worth getting. I don’t think I’d buy one, mostly because of its gas inefficiency, but otherwise it’s a fun vehicle.

  2. Bill Hartzer

    Barry, it’s ONLY an H3. And it’s “big”? I wonder what you would think if you were driving a Hummer H2 or even a real truck, like a Ford F650?

    Here in Texas, we love our big trucks. They’re a must. 😉

  3. Laura Thieme

    Barry – where’s the Prius you could have rented? 🙂 I’d be afraid to run over someone in that thing up there. But it does look impressive of course to non-greenies. Did the rental car agency offer free gas? 🙂

  4. Barry Schwartz

    I actually rented a Prius a year ago, in St. Louis. So I have been there and done that. 🙂

    I know, it is a gas guzzler… But (1) it is in NJ, so gas is much cheaper there then in NY and (2) it is only a few days.

    I wouldn’t buy the car, just playing with it for a few days.

  5. Lisa Barone

    I drive around, with my huge engine and car and think – hey, I can drive over that car. Not that I would, but you know the feeling.

    haha! Best. Line. Ever. 🙂

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