screw hummerOn September 4th, 11 days ago, I told you I would be driving a Hummer for a few days. Well, 11 days later, and probably at least 3 more days going forward, I will still have this Hummer.

In short, Prestige Lexus’s Collision department lied to me. The car should have been done in 4 days, so technically by Wednesday of last week, the latest. I call for an update and they tell me, they needed to do more work and get more money from Allstate. Then the light they ordered was damaged, so they had to reorder it. The story goes on and on. So this 4 day fix is already on day 11.

I asked the guy, to be honest and tell me when it will be done. He said, he hopes by Friday, ah so 14 days later. If he is telling me the truth.

Why am I so upset?

(1) I don’t think this guy is lying to me, I just think he has bad info and has limited control on when the car can be fixed. I just wish he would have set those expectations from the start and not tell me it would be done mid last week.

(2) I really dislike driving the Hummer. A few days of driving it around was fun. But honestly, I am so sick of it. It is just too big and not a convenient car to get around in.

(3) When I call Enterprise to ask them if I can return it for something else, which they said I can do at any time – they tell me they only have cargo vans available, to call back tomorrow. So I called again and again, still, only cargo vans. So I am paying more money every day for a car I do not like. What I find incredible is that when I came in to rent the Hummer, they listed off like 15 cars I can pick from. Now they only have cargo vans! I don’t believe them.

I just feel like Enterprise is screwing me cause Lexus is clueless.

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  1. Melissa

    Barry, I have two H2s and I love them! Had one since 2005 and the other I got in 2007, but you are a new dad and I have a teenager. I was sick of the minivans! Plus, the stereo rocks!

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