Daily Grind

My Favorite Movie Type Got To Be Bloody & Deadly

I rarely watch movies. That includes watching movies at home and especially at the theatre. I assume it will be an even longer time until I see a movie again in a theatre (got a kid now). But I do watch most the movies I end up seeing, on flights to conferences. I often pick


How I Watch Apple Events

Like a billion other people out there, I was watching the Apple rock and roll event on the web. I used both CrunchGear and GDGT.com for the live scrolling coverage. But as the live coverage was flowing, I opened Google Finance and had the title tag peak through at the top, so I can see

Just Weird

9/9/09 at 9:09

Last year, at exactly 8/8/08 at 8:08 I captured the time on my computer. This year, I forgot cause I got busy. Err! But Google has a Doodle up for the event. There is nothing more exciting or important then this right now!

Just Interesting

Rambo Rabbis

This is both funny and interesting… I was in the 7/11 last week and some guy was holding the New York Post. On the cover was a funny picture of Jews in a synagogue with fake guns. It looked like some type of play or movie. The story is named Gun-Toting God Squad: Rabbis Pack

Just Interesting

Bird Lady At Local Pizza Store

Yea, I was in the very exciting local pizza shop and there was a lady there with a bird on her head. I kid you not. Here is a picture: Why a person has a bird on their head in a pizza store, I don’t get. Maybe she was hopping to catch a streak of