Sleep WalkingOften when I walk to the bathroom, down the hall from my office, I decide to do so, with my eyes closed.

There is something refreshing about walking and having your eyes closed. I am not sure what it is.

But when you are exhausted and tired, try it. Of course, I am a bit nervous that I might walk into someone. So I first look to make sure the path is clear. I then get nervous when I pass the elevator and then someone’s office door. But then it is clear sailing, for a whole additional 3 steps, to the bathroom.

So to get the full nap time, I do the same routine on the way back from the bathroom and into my office.

Does it help? I think so.

Am I weird? I guess so.

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  1. Laura Thieme

    Barry, since I know you are a father of a relatively young baby – I can emphathize – I’ve done this while waiting for dog to use bathroom early in the morning. Hope no one is watching.

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