Lexus Phone Bluetooth IconI jumped in my car to pick up yet another salad (I am good).

I decided to check my email while sitting in the car. I hit reply to that email and the GPS screen changed as if I was making a phone call. I first thought that I called someone by accident, but that wasn’t it. I then figured out that every time I hit reply or new email, the iPhone sent a command via bluetooth to my car’s GPS that I was making a phone call.

This is the first time something like this happened to me. I honestly think this is a quirk. But if it happens again, I’ll update this post. If not, then it was a one time quirk (if that is even possible).

This happened in at least three cases:

  • Hitting Compose Email
  • Hitting Reply to an Email
  • Clicking in the search box and searching for an email

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  1. Hope Smitherman

    Try to send a text message from there too and see if it does the same thing. I heard a report on NPR about some of the technology they are starting to implement to crack down on texting while driving. This could be a step. Maybe. . .
    Perhaps, it’s just on my mind.
    Try it and see!!

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