pizza sliceI was thinking… I do that sometimes….

Why don’t pizza stores sell a half of one slice of pizza?

I see it all the time. “Can you cut that slice in half for me,” a customer says. Sometimes the pizza man cuts the single slice in half, without you even asking.

So why not sell a half of a slice?

Who would eat it? Well, I wouldn’t. I want at least two full slices. But kids love to chow down on half of a slice. Why let them waste the other half, just buy half of the slice.

If a single slice is $2. Sell a half of that slice for $1.25.

Maybe there are stores that sell half of a single slice? Maybe I haven’t heard or seen it?

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  1. Andrej

    I’ve been thinking along similar lines for a while. Often at a shop I want to buy a small snack but a savoury rather than sweet one.

    These are almost non existent in the supermarkets, though. Often you can get a small chocolate bar or even individual pieces of candy at the cash register but single serving small savoury snacks are rare (think quarter of a small bag of chips, bite size sandwich).

    These could sell at a singificant per weight premium, I believe.

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