Playing With Stock Market

Back when I was younger, about 20 or so, I did some stock trades here and there. Not day trading, but buying a few companies I liked, mostly tech related, and selling them several months later. Then I got really busy and rarely made any stock trades. In the past week or so, I have


OGIO Layover Travel Bag: Poor Quality or Glitch?

The OGIO RustyBrick laptop bags are a huge hit. Everyone loves them and we often get requests to send people more. We are actually almost completely out, so may have to reorder one day (they aren’t cheap). But the bags are rock solid, comfortable and last a really long time. So I was looking into

Just Interesting

Twist Ties Are Not Made Well Anymore

The past several packages of products I received that included twist ties for the cords made me a bit upset. If you used the twist ties, it felt like they were made for one time use only. They are pur plastic, flimsy and don’t really secure the cables like the old ones. The picture above


Verizon MiFi Speeds in Suffern, New York

I just got my Verizon MiFi, which I ordered on Friday. I let it charge for 2.5 hours and set up the device just now. I made some configuration changes to the router itself and it is up and running. I wanted to quickly document the download and upload speeds, as they are in my

Just FunnyMotor Vehicle

Parking On Top of Not One But Two Cars

I am not sure why these types of things make me laugh, but they do and I am sorry. Remember when I was amazed at the car that parked on top of another car? Well, how about a single SUV parking on top of two cars and then driving away. Check out this video: Via


I’ve Got Shelves

Yes, for the first time in my life, I have added shelves to my office. Yes, I know – you are jealous! But you too can get shelves. I picked them up in Target on the isle that had discounts. I was able to declutter my desk and that file cabinet top, by placing my


Paying a New Tax: Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax

My accountant sends me an envelope that says I need to pay a nice amount to the Commissioner of Finance for the “Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax.” I paid it, but I have no clue what it is about. So of course, I “google” it and find What does that tell me? Not much,


Ordered Verizon MiFi to Help iPhone Work in NYC

I’ve had the Verizon Wireless V740 ExpressCard for over two years now. It lets me plug the card into my laptop and have Internet virtually anywhere I go. It is rock solid, in fact, I used it on a drive all the way from my office to Albany and back with no issues at all.


Continental Changed Planes On Me: Lost Front Row

I was checking my seats on my flight for the PubCon conference in Vegas in a few weeks and noticed that I was no longer in the first row in economy. Having the first row, on long flights, is nice – to say the least. When I booked early, I was able to grab the


AT&T iPhone Call Fade Issue Was Cell Tower Hardware Issue

A week ago, I complained about my iPhone & AT&T fading away my calls. It turned out that it had nothing to do with the software update released the same day. AT&T called my brother and told them the issue was fixed this morning at 11am. The issue was with the cell phone tower. Some