celltower.pngA week ago, I complained about my iPhone & AT&T fading away my calls. It turned out that it had nothing to do with the software update released the same day.

AT&T called my brother and told them the issue was fixed this morning at 11am. The issue was with the cell phone tower. Some hardware in the tower that powered the phones in that area, was broken.

They supposedly fixed it today.

The thing is, I thought they fixed it on Monday. The fading issue went away on Monday – at least for me.

Maybe they fixed it yesterday but didn’t get confirmation of the fix until today?

In any event, the iPhone software update had nothing to do with the fading calls. It has to do with the cell tower hardware issues.

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  1. Shannon

    I wish you the best of luck on this issue. I am now on Verizon after 5 months of AT&T trying to blame everyone else for my iPhone issues. I had been a loyal AT&T customer for about 20 years, but after getting lame excuse and no change in service problems I finally pulled the plug last month. AT&T reps told me that city areas were harder hit by service problems because of the high demand, then they told me the tower(s) by me were listed as having “major outtages” that were scheduled to be fixed on Aug 5th with a completion date of Sept 28th” when I called on Oct 3rd the rep said they were still working on the problem. Final straw was rep who told me that because I lived by Wrigley Field, there would be outtages on game days because of “all those baseball fans using their iPhones”. Paying $160/month for little to no service made me mad, and I got fed up. If you don’t see your problem resolved, keep on them and if you don’t get satisfaction after a week or two, consider another phone or jailbreak. I am jinxed with technology, so you’ll prob fare better than I did. Good luck!

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