As you know, Sukkots is around the corner. I got my Lulav & Esrog and I have built my Sukkah. I bet this is an interesting for non-Jewish people to see Jews practicing (people shaking trees and fruits and living in a temporary house, outside of your real house – real weird, no?). In any event, I finally finished my first Sukkah last night and I wanted to show it off.

On September 13th, I put up the frame with the help of my father and brother. I don’t have pictures of that, but here is a picture of the metal polls fitting (snapping) together.

Sukkah Polls Short

Then this past Sunday, in a light rain, I put up the nylon walls. They basically velcro onto the metal frame. Here are some pictures of the walls going up:

Building Sukkah Building Sukkah

Tuesday night, I put up the roof (known as S’chach), which consists of bamboo. I got the roll out mats of bamboo to make my life easier. I had three mats to put up. I first took wood polls, laid them across the top of the frame and then rolled out the mats on top of the wood polls.

Building Sukkah

Last night, I put up the lights, as you can see in the picture above as well. I also hung the few decorations we have. But the decorations are very tasteful. They are basically arrangements of fake grapes and a fruit, next to the grapes. Here is a picture of one:

Building Sukkah

I then wired up the lights to the outdoor timer box and tied down the wires, so they are out of the way.

This is a continuation of my previous Sukkah posts, including o Sukkah shopping, planning the sukkah, finding out it was two inches too long and you can also see my Sukkah in Google Sketchup.

This is my first Sukkah. What do you think?

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