The OGIO RustyBrick laptop bags are a huge hit. Everyone loves them and we often get requests to send people more. We are actually almost completely out, so may have to reorder one day (they aren’t cheap). But the bags are rock solid, comfortable and last a really long time.

So I was looking into getting travel carry-ons for this years gift. Of course, my first stop was OGIO and I decided the Layover would be a good fit. Only issue, it is really expensive. I decided to order a real sample, with our logo on it. I got that bag today but it came broken.

One of the “two-stage Pullman handle” was cracked and the actual bar that went through the bag, was snapped in half. I am not sure if it was a manufactures error or something that happened in transit. Let me show you pictures:

OGIO Travel Bag Broken OGIO Travel Bag Broken

My first instinct was, can I replace this handle bar without having to have the whole bag reordered? I opened the bag and noticed you can unzip the back to see the bars in the back. I then noticed that one of those metal bars was cracked in half!

OGIO Travel Bag Cracked OGIO Travel Bag Cracked

Crazy! Seriously, is this a bad quality bag or a fluke? Should I order these or not?

Here are pictures of the bag itself:

The brown plaid, in my opinion, goes well with the RB logo:

Ogio Layover Bag Ogio Layover Bag Ogio Layover Bag

The wheels look solid:

Ogio Layover Bag

Lots of internal space and storage compartments:

Ogio Layover Bag

So what do you think?

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  1. Jimmy

    I hope it is a fluke as well. And just remember to hand them out by seniority… those greedy interns! 0:-)

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