verizon mifiI’ve had the Verizon Wireless V740 ExpressCard for over two years now. It lets me plug the card into my laptop and have Internet virtually anywhere I go. It is rock solid, in fact, I used it on a drive all the way from my office to Albany and back with no issues at all. I actually do it often enough and use it at all conferences and when I travel or go places where I don’t want to tap into the open Wifi.

I didn’t want to upgrade the plan, in anticipation of AT&T coming out with a tethering plan, so I can connect my iPhone to my computer and use the Internet from my iPhone to power my laptop. The issue is, AT&T is way too unreliable for that, especially in places such as NYC and at conferences (where there are tons of iPhones) to bank on it. So I decided to get a MiFi router from Verizon today.

MiFi is a tiny little wireless router that is basically like the card I have, but acts as a wireless router. The concept isn’t new, it is old – but they are becoming more popular these days. The reason I went with this, over a new plug in air card, is that I can share it with multiple people and devices. If and when my iPhone doesn’t work at conference or in meetings in NYC, I can let it access the MiFi wireless, along with my laptop. Plus, I can let my fellow bloggers (up to 5) connect to it, so they also can have internet, when they don’t.

I don’t have the device yet, but when we get it, I’ll report back on how I like it. I will also have Ronnie write about the features of the MiFi router at the RustyBrick Blog for those who are interested in how configurable it is.

Just sad I feel the need to get a Verizon MiFi to make sure my iPhone can connect to the Internet – don’t ya think?

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