Mighty Mouse Disappears : Magic

I was one of those people who owned Apple’s Mighty Mouse. Ultimately, it drove me incredibly mad that I replaced it with an Logitech VX, until I upgraded the VX to the MX revolutions mouse, which I currently use today. The mighty mouse stunk, it was far from mighty and it needed a refresh bad


Cashing in on Airline Miles

For the first time in my life, I have used airline miles and credit card points to book a free flight somewhere. Flights to Israel are not cheap. They are also not too comfortable, cause of the size of the airplane (lots of people) and length of the flight (12 hours). So using miles on

Just Interesting

Augmented Reality: You Say What?

I catch myself saying terms that people sometimes do not understand. Not big words, just new words. The latest word is Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is a fancy way of saying using computer driven technology on top of real world elements. Got that? Urbanspoon recently updated their iPhone app to include a “scope” feature. You


Google Voice Spam SMS Messages

I never really used my Google Voice phone number yet but on occasion I get phone number via Google Voice. Here is an SMS message sent to my phone number, which is not listed anywhere, in my Google Voice inbox: Not bad, a 3.25% fix mortgage rate?!


iPhone OS 3.1.2 Fades My Calls Away

Last Thursday, Apple released an updated OS for the iPhone, with a carrier setting update. I updated immediately cause I am like that – really, that is how I am. I am sorry I did. Ever since then, my phone calls fade away for a few seconds and then fade back in. I spoke to


Verizon Termination Charge For Plan I Did Not Sign Up For

Since December 2008, I have been having this ongoing Verizon phone saga. In short, I signed up with an “authorized” Verizon sales representative who sold me a plan that I was not eligible for. Verizon switched me over, put me on a plan that was the closest thing to what I signed up for and


I Need Your Vote: Please Make Our App, The Gap iPhone App

MobClix was contracted by Gap to run a contest for iPhone App developers, to allow them to build their app and the winner gets to be the official Gap iPhone app. So the contest is now live, please, please, please, go vote for us (IntuApps). Vote for the top middle one, made by IntuApps, which

Motor Vehicle

Meet My Bull, It’s 13 Years Old

Since my first car, I have this red stuffed animal bull keychain hanging from my rear view mirror. I think technically, it is illegal to have these things hanging, but everyone does it. In any event, here is a picture of it: The bull is about 13 years old. My brother-in-law gave it to me


Building the Snap Sukkah

As you know, Sukkots is around the corner. I got my Lulav & Esrog and I have built my Sukkah. I bet this is an interesting for non-Jewish people to see Jews practicing (people shaking trees and fruits and living in a temporary house, outside of your real house – real weird, no?). In any