stock tradingBack when I was younger, about 20 or so, I did some stock trades here and there. Not day trading, but buying a few companies I liked, mostly tech related, and selling them several months later. Then I got really busy and rarely made any stock trades.

In the past week or so, I have begun dabbing in the market again. Not cause I am any less busy, just because I feel I am missing out. Whenever I login to my trading account, I get depressed looking at stocks and funds that I have no love for. I own companies I feel to be failures and in many cases, those stocks are still up from when I bought them, but still, they feel like failures.

This week, I made it a goal to clean up those stocks and move them to companies I like. When I am done, who knows, I might not look again for another ten years or so. But the recent buying and selling is fun.

There is a bit of that thrill you get when you gamble (win or lose). I don’t gamble, but I guess this is how it would feel if I did. Clearly, it would have made sense for me to start the buying process a few months ago, but hey – why not now?

Do I know anything about trading stocks? No, not really. That is exactly why I don’t play with what I cannot afford to lose.

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