I just got my Verizon MiFi, which I ordered on Friday. I let it charge for 2.5 hours and set up the device just now. I made some configuration changes to the router itself and it is up and running.

I wanted to quickly document the download and upload speeds, as they are in my office in Suffern, New York. So I did a speed test on SpeakEasy:

verizon mifi speed

Compare that to the speeds I was getting three years ago and it looks pretty sweet:


Which is also faster than the 3G I get from AT&T on my iPhone. To be fair, I just ran the test again on my iPhone 3G (in my office, which has poor connection) and it shows 1050Kbits/s download and 230 Kbits/s upload.

iPhone AT&T 3G Speed

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  1. Sam

    I look forward to your full review. I know it can also work with a USB connection. If the battery is dead, will the USB connection power it? If it will work with a dead battery via USB, will it allow WiFi for other users while plugged in to the USB port of your PC?

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