Just Weird

Picture of Yourself in Your Company Lobby

I had a meeting recently and when I entered the lobby, I noticed a picture of the guy I was going to meet with. I personally found it a bit strange to see a picture of the individual in his own lobby. It is not like this company is a talent agency or something. They

Motor Vehicle

Cop Outside Car on Highway Using Speed Gun

I was driving back from a client this afternoon and on Interstate 287, right about over here, a copy was in his car, with his door open, looking like he was going to shot a moving car. As we got closer, it looked like a laser speed gun. I’ve never seen a cop on the


Play the RustyBrick Scavenger App Tree Icon Game

This is a cross post with the RustyBrick Blog: @Gartenberg tweeted a picture of the Apple Store being pretty busy and he snapped a picture of the iPhone App Holiday Trees on display in all the Apple Retail Stores. @BGribin noticed the picture and saw that our iPhone Siddur was one of the 100 icons


Free Google Wave Invites : Leave a Comment

I have a bunch of Google Wave invites to send out. If you want one, leave a comment below using the email address you want the invite to go to. Also, make sure to follow @rustybrick on Twitter. Keep in mind, when I send you an invite, you might not get it right away. Google

Just Interesting

Court Rules No Homework For Kids

Parents of three children in Canada have sued their children’s school to stop them from having to do homework. CBC News reports the parents, who are both lawyers, felt the homework being sent home to their kids was just a “lot of it was busy work.” The article said the family and school signed a


Please Hold: Verizon FiOS Technical Support

My Verizon FiOS Router died last week, Verizon shipped me a new one overnight and I installed it last night. There was an issue where the router was not connecting to the Internet. I tried to kick it myself but I needed tech support. I called Verizon last night on my main home phone. I


Lost & Found on Continental, Bose Earphones

On my flight back from Vegas last week, I did something I never did before, I forgot something on the plane. I left my Bose earphones on the plane, in the seat pocket in front of me. I remember placing them there when the flight attendants asked us to turn off our devices. I actually

Motor Vehicle

I Like The New New York License Plates

The NY DMV announced that they are replacing the old white and blue license plates with these new “Empire Gold” and blue license plates. Personally, I think they are nice. I assume when you put them on cars, they will likely not look so great – for most cars. But I still like them. Most