speed gunI was driving back from a client this afternoon and on Interstate 287, right about over here, a copy was in his car, with his door open, looking like he was going to shot a moving car.

As we got closer, it looked like a laser speed gun. I’ve never seen a cop on the highway have his door open, looking behind him, shooting a speed gun before. I’ve only seen it when a copy was in his car and his door was closed.

As I passed him, I saw that he clicked the trigger. Not at me, but at someone behind me. I then saw his blinker and sirens go on. Then I saw him pulling over a car.

I was about to make a break for it, since my exit was just about 500 feet from that location. But I noticed that he pulled someone else over, which is good for me, bad for them. I did recently get a ticket, which seemed to turn out to be a way for my town to earn money.

The above picture is the closest image I can find of a cop doing something similar to what I saw. It is funny, because this is an Israeli police officer.

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  1. Josh

    In Maryland, the state troopers park on the grass/pavement to the left of the left shoulder and leave their trunks open to hide the light bar. They stand outside the car with the laser/radar but are unable to be seen until you are blowing past what you think is someone with car problems.

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