home workParents of three children in Canada have sued their children’s school to stop them from having to do homework. CBC News reports the parents, who are both lawyers, felt the homework being sent home to their kids was just a “lot of it was busy work.”

The article said the family and school signed a “differentiated homework plan with their children’s Catholic school.” That means they no longer have to do homework, instead their kids are graded based on work done in the class.

On the radio I was listening to this morning, they said the parents showed how homework did not help kids with their grades. I don’t see this in the report above, so maybe they exaggerated on the radio.

Homework, from what I understand, keeps not just the kids busy at night, but also parents. I assume these busy parents didn’t feel it was worth their time, nor their kid’s time, so they did what they do best, and sued the school.

This takes the meaning of we don’t need no education to a whole new level.

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  1. Robert Coats

    Mixed feelings on this.
    On one hand, firm believer that you have to get the job done, regardless if it means bringing the work home. It’s a good lesson for our kids to learn.

    On the other hand, when I was in school (walking up hill both ways) one of my biggest frustrations was that the teachers would allow the class room time to get de-railed and then just assign the class work as home work. Frustrating. Even more frustrating was when homework was assigned just to be assigning homework.

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