New New York License Plates

The NY DMV announced that they are replacing the old white and blue license plates with these new “Empire Gold” and blue license plates.

Personally, I think they are nice. I assume when you put them on cars, they will likely not look so great – for most cars. But I still like them.

Most people will need to get these new plates with registration renewal after April 2010. Not all people need to get them, such as special group or profession plates – they get new ones, but different ones. It will cost an additional $25.00 for most people to get these plates.

For more questions about this, see the NY DMV’s FAQ on this topic.

Do you like them?

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  1. Cliff Costello

    I personally do not like them. They are too much like the hideous ones we had in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. For the money Albany is going to soak us for these, I would expect something far more attractive .. and something that could be a “positive image” or “billboard” for our state. These however clash with most car colors, and are just plain ugly colors. NY can do much better than this … and for my $25, I demand better!! Guess I’m going to keep my Custom Plates .. as they are great looking .. these new regular plates are horrible!!

  2. Brother-In-Law

    I like them. They are a throw back to the days when New York was below New Jersey on the public opinion totem pole.

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