verizon fios technical supportMy Verizon FiOS Router died last week, Verizon shipped me a new one overnight and I installed it last night. There was an issue where the router was not connecting to the Internet. I tried to kick it myself but I needed tech support.

I called Verizon last night on my main home phone. I was on hold for 30 minutes when I decided to try calling from my cell phone. I called via my cell phone and within a minute or two of hold time, a tech support representative answered. I told the support guy that I am still on hold for 30 minutes on my main line. Of course he had no response to that. There must have been a glitch in the phone support routing, which put me in some endless hold pattern. Who knows if anyone would have ever picked up.

That type of stuff upsets me. How can that happen!

Anyway, the issue was resolved after a hard reset, which I should of done myself. But since I am too tech savvy, I likely skipped some troubleshooting tips where I could have avoided calling anyone.

How the heck can I get in a hold line for 30 minutes and then call back and get an answer (while on hold on the other line) within minutes? I don’t get it!

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  1. Graeme Mac

    Yup. I have been there in the past. Another frustration is getting variable answers based on the person you spoke to and whether they got out of the right side of bed.

    I def see customer service / experience as an important marketing strategy. If a company makes you feel like you are going into battle before you talk to them that’s not a good thing.

  2. Roger Dooley

    Barry, clearly they had flagged your home phone as “troublemaker – place on infinite hold” but had not yet associated your cell phone with your account. Now they will have corrected that oversight, and any future hold times will be equally long. 😉


  3. Barry Schwartz

    Roger, lol … I thought that… But when I called via my cell, I had to enter my account phone number. So I guess, in this case, I wasn’t on the “troublemaker” case.

  4. bill smith

    verizon has several fios call centers across the country your second call was routed to a call center with either fewer callers or more agents taking calls

  5. Thad Swanson

    I bought the LG Dare about a year and a half ago and it’s basically a cheap wannabe iPhone. You just can’t compare the touchscreen with that of the iPhone, though I will say it’s camera and video recorder are very good. I’m just waiting for the iphone to be sold through Verizon, and I hope it’s soon because my Dare is falling apart.. Hurry up Apple, stop being so “exclusive”!

  6. todd

    when a fios tech ends a call they have 28 seconds before they are placed back in an available state sometimes it is necessary to make an out bound call to a customer when this happens the agent is still placed in an available state 28 seconds after the last inbound call was ended and the customer that gets that spot in the queue is placed on hold until the agent is done with the outbound call and this may take awhile depending on the issue being dealt with but the agent doesnt get the 28 sec wrap time before taking the next call. sounds like you got stuck on with a new agent or something on your home phone and they were taking way too long on a call calling again on your cell phone was the best thing to do in that case you can always tell the agent to call you on your home phone if you dont want to use your cell once you get through

  7. Levi

    I work as technical support in Columbus. Todd is correct in his statement. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the hold times. It’s also possible that you called a very busy call center the first time, so when you redialed, you reach another call center that wasn’t busy. That’s how this works.

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