Two Apple Cinema Displays With My MacBook Pro

The above image is a picture of my new set up. There are two Apple Cinema Displays, one is the new 24″ display and the other is the old 23″ inch display (not the really old one). Plus, my MacBook Pro’s display all the way on the right. Didn’t I have three monitors running off

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Why I Keep Blogging About Search

I have been writing consistently on search, seo, sem, Google, etc for over six years now. It is a long time, but there are others who have been writing about search consistently longer than I have. By consistently, I mean, really never stopping in the six year plus period. All together, I have written over

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I Met a Loud Laugher

I met a wonderful, funny, kind and nice person recently. But this person also turned out to be an incredibly loud laugher. There are soft talkers, loud talkers, close talkers – but I honestly never met a loud laugher before. The thing is, the person talked at a very normal volume, but when he laughed


@TheKotel : The Story Behind the Idea

@thekotel is a guy who came up with the idea to tweet your prayers to that Twitter account and he would take it, print it, and stick it in the Kotel (Western Wall) for you. Alon, the man behind the account, told his story at the 140 conf in Tel Aviv with Jeff Pulver. Here

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Keynoting at Market Saint Louis on April 1, 2010

A couple weeks ago, Will Hanke asked me if I would like to speak at a St. Louis based conference named Market St. Louis. I looked up the conference date and information and noticed a bunch of my colleagues in the SEM industry participate in this event. I also noticed it was on April 1st,


Thanks Colts – JETS Now Have a Shot

Yesterday, the New York Jets played the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts pretty much had their way with the Jets in the 1st quarter. As a Jets fan, I wasn’t expecting much and figured they would lose the game. But in the second half, Smith ran back the kick-off, a 106 yards for a touch down.


Switching to Chromium – Drinking the Google Koolaid

I have been a devoted Safari user for years now. I never switched to Firefox as my daily browser. I loved the speed of Safari. However, when I installed Snow Leopard my favorite Safari extension was killed and buried. I was no longer able to use Inquisitor X and it has been super bad! I

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SphinnCon Israel Sells Over Half Available Seats in a Week

About a week ago, I announced the SMX SphinnCon Israel event. In a week, over half of the available seats have been sold. We now have only 92 seats available and the event doesn’t happen until March 7, 2010 – which is over ten weeks away. So I urge you, do not wait until the


More Anti-Semitism in iTunes App Store

I first wrote about the anti-semitic “reviews” in the iTunes iPhone App Store back in September 2008. Some were never removed until Apple changed the policy that you need to download and install the app before writing a review. This was not just an issue with the Apple App Store, it we also so anti