Chanukah presentsThis is my first Chanukah (Hanukah) as a dad and it is different from my previous Chanukahs. Now, instead of me getting presents, the presents are all given to my daughter.

Let me tell you, my daughter really ‘cashed in’ this Chanukah. She got tons of toys and even some jewelry. Of course, I had to spend a nice portion of my Sunday building her toys – as she slept. But hey, that is what we do.

At this age, about 7 months now (yes, time flies), she really had no interest in getting the presents. A classic moment was when she got her bracelet and instead of grabbing the bracelet, she went for the box it came in. Got to love that. Oh, and she loved all the wrapping paper – what 7 month old doesn’t?

It is definitely more enjoyable watching your kid get a gift than getting a gift myself. There is something about kids and gifts that is both funny and nice.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t get any gift. I did get something from my parents. Last year I got an iHome and Jets Slippers and in 2006 I got a Linksys router, projector alarm clock and a binary pillow. Oh, I did get a gift card to my favorite restaurant from a business colleague but overall (so far) the incoming schwag this year has been disappointing).

Sorry for this choppy post, being constantly distracted as I write it.

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  1. Rob

    Happy Chanukah! Isn’t it always about the kids? Expect an even larger decline in schwag as your 7 month old, turns into a 7 year old.

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