I’m sorry but we blew up your laptop (welcome to Israel) from Lily Sussman is a crazy story. In short, Israeli security was suspicious about this person and decided to not just interrogate the person, but also place these gun bullets in this person’s MacBook.

Here is a picture from her blog:

bullets in mac

The story she tells on her blog is pretty nuts. I have heard some pretty serious stories, but this one really moved me. If someone touched my computer, let alone put three bullet holes in it, I might go nuts or faint or something. I am so paranoid about my data that I back it up three different ways, every day.

Even so, I am so paranoid about my computer that I would never leave it in my car. Yea, I rather my car get stolen than my laptop get stolen. I have it backed up, but going through the restore process and not being able to have instant access to my machine would be upsetting. Yea yea – be in the cloud… I am mostly, but still – I still am paranoid (who knows, maybe in a few years, I’d get over it).

I just remember when the Israeli Consulate seized my computer and iPhone, I felt helpless. I know some SEOs that had an incident in the past. 😉

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time I blogged about a MacBook with a bullet hole. I did so back with MacBook Pro Gets Shot But Still Working in February 2007.

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  1. wife

    Don’t judge- they must do what they feel they have to do. I’m not saying she is suspicious but we don’t live there and see/ feel what they go through every day living in a place where they have to be extra careful…

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