STL SEO SeminarA couple weeks ago, Will Hanke asked me if I would like to speak at a St. Louis based conference named Market St. Louis. I looked up the conference date and information and noticed a bunch of my colleagues in the SEM industry participate in this event. I also noticed it was on April 1st, the day after Passover.

I called my wife and asked if she would like to stay by her parents for the first days of Passover. That would be the only way I could have participated in this event. She said sure, so I told Will I can be part of the event.

As it turns out, I am keynoting. That means, I am the first speaker and it will be a question and answer type of format with the conference head.

So if you are in the mid-west (Chicago, St. Louis, etc.) come out and participate in Market St. Louis!

I typically don’t speak at conferences for many reasons. But more recently, I have been speaking here and there – as long as it doesn’t require me to prepare a powerpoint presentation. I am also heading up SphinnCon Israel, which would likely require me to prepare a presentation, but that is kind of “my” conference – so – well, you know.

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