I first wrote about the anti-semitic “reviews” in the iTunes iPhone App Store back in September 2008. Some were never removed until Apple changed the policy that you need to download and install the app before writing a review. This was not just an issue with the Apple App Store, it we also so anti semitic reviews on the Palm Pre store.

It has been a long time since we had this pop up. But last night I was notified of an anti-semitic review on our iPhone Hebrew Translator app. Here is a picture of it:

Anti Semitism in iTunes App Store

I think Apple needs to pull a Google and place an ad above their reviews, like they did for both Michelle Obama images and for the search jew.

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  1. Jimmy

    Or maybe just do a better job moderating these? I know that they can’t possibly review every one of them individually, but you think some keywords like Nazi or jew would throw up a red flag. I don’t think many apps and reviews would have Nazi in them and actually be relevant.

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