sphinncon.jpgAbout a week ago, I announced the SMX SphinnCon Israel event. In a week, over half of the available seats have been sold. We now have only 92 seats available and the event doesn’t happen until March 7, 2010 – which is over ten weeks away.

So I urge you, do not wait until the last minute. Go register and pay the $50 to be a part of this excellent event. Do it now.

If you are an SEO or SEM in Israel, you really want to be there. The networking alone is worth it. Yea, I know many Israeli’s hate to commute more than 20 minutes and coming from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a total of about 45 minutes. I know, I know. Try living in New York or Texas, where a 45 minute commute is considered short.

But if you are an SEO or SEM, supporting the SEM community in Israel is important. The venue, JCT is supporting this event. We have two committed sponsors who feel it is important to support such an event, they include Compucall and Answers.com and Whired Rhino. I have an excellent team of volunteers doing a ton of the leg work in Israel (since I am based in New York) to help support the industry. That team includes (in no specific order):

The best part of running this conference is the community it brings together.

It is even driving some well known personalities from the U.S. including
Vanessa Fox, Gillian Muessig of SEOmoz, we have word from Google they will be sending a webmaster rep and an Israeli paid search rep.

It is just great to bring everyone into a single room, to learn, network and have fun. And I am honored to be part of that.

So go register today – you won’t want to miss it.

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