New York Jets LogoYesterday, the New York Jets played the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts pretty much had their way with the Jets in the 1st quarter. As a Jets fan, I wasn’t expecting much and figured they would lose the game.

But in the second half, Smith ran back the kick-off, a 106 yards for a touch down. Then Colts scored again, but then they decided to take out Manning. That decision to rest him up, basically won the game for the Jets.

It was down hill for the Colts after that. Colts new quarterback fumbled at the goal line, Jets recovered to score a TD. Then the Colts, mostly, secondary defense also couldn’t do much. So the Jets continued to score and then intercepted a pass by the new QB.

So I would like to thank Jim Caldwell for pulling Manning to let the Jets win.

Now, the Jets can lose next week and make sure they are really not in the playoffs.

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  1. Yehuda Jacobs

    As a Jets fan, and more so an NFL fan don’t tell me there isn’t a bad taste in your mouth. I mean who does that with a shot at 16-0 something two teams in all of football have done, and a shot at the perfect season!!!!!!!! Besides they basically messed up the playoff hopes for all the other teams on the bubble, MIA especially, now you may hate them but as an NFL fan what they did was inexcusable, and if they dare get bounced from the playoffs it will be of the most scrutinized moves in recent times!

  2. Ronnie

    Funny, I was just thinking after I saw the game yesterday that Barry will be happy today. I normally don’t watch, but my father-in-law is in town.

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