I have been writing consistently on search, seo, sem, Google, etc for over six years now. It is a long time, but there are others who have been writing about search consistently longer than I have. By consistently, I mean, really never stopping in the six year plus period. All together, I have written over 20,000 blog posts on search between the various sites I write/wrote at, i.e. Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land and formerly Search Engine Watch.

I started this in 2003 as just hobby, as a notebook for my own SEO notes. It turned into a lot more. It doesn’t drive much of my income, but it does have some financial perks. If I didn’t have a solid job with my company, RustyBrick, I doubt I would be able to do this. Plus, my wife is very understanding. 😉

In short, I really enjoy the search industry and I don’t do the blogging for the money. I do it because I feel like I am helping the industry out. Sometimes, it feels very routinized and boring – but when I get a thank you from people, even the smallest email, tweet, letter – it means a lot.

Last night, Sebastian tweeted something that really made all of 2009 efforts worthwhile. Yea, less than a 140 characters and I feel that 2009 was not wasted. He wrote:

Why I Do It

Then it got at least two retweets, one from a Googler, JohnMu (who rocks, btw) and another from an AdWords specialist, @EdWords.

Why I Do It Why I Do It

Amazing what 140 characters can mean to someone.


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  1. Eduard Blacquière

    It is well deserved, Barry!

    Althoug a retweet is quickly done, I really agreed with Sebastian and wanted to join him in thanking you.

    All the best for 2010! And keep up the great work!

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