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RB Coder Initiation

Jimmy posted the details of how the other RB team members initiate new members into the team – somewhat of a hazing. Here is a video of the latest initiation. But make sure to read the full story at the RB Blog named Coder Hazing: Anthony Gets Punk’d…


NY JETS Had a Great End to a Season

JETS were so close to beating the Colts, so close. I shouldn’t be upset, but I was/am. To come that close to the playoffs when no one even expected them to make the playoffs – I should be happy. Oh well – it was a great end to a season. Thanks for it!


Remote Control For Niko OTP-3211W 32″

Well over three years ago, I bought a no-brand LCD TV from Niko. The company is now out of business, but the TV is actually still very good quality. However, the Niko rebate was a scam, the TV is solid. The TV I purchased back then was the Niko OTP-3211W 32″ and it was pretty


Check Out My RustyBrick Kippah from rushIMPRINT

rushIMPRINT, a promotional product company, sent me a handful of RustyBrick branded Kippahs (also known as yarmulke or כִּפָּה). They came out pretty well and in fact, I honestly might wear them every day. Here is a picture of the Kippah: Here is Joe and myself wearing them: How cool! This goes well with my


RB Decals

The other day, we got a shipment of RustyBrick Decals, which can be affixed to computers, laptops, phones, cars and so on. Here is a picture of some of them: I put two on my iPhone (one on case, one on device): Want them? I wrote about how you can get these at the RustyBrick


JETS in AFC Championship : One Game To Super Bowl

This time for a New York JETS fan is a bit unreal. Who would have thought they would be playing the Colts in the AFC Championship? Who would have thought they would have won the final two games in the regular season to squeeze into the wild card slot? They had to beat the Bengels


Some People Should Not Be Allowed to Buy Smart Phones (iPhones)

In my opinion, there should be exams given to people before they can buy an iPhone or smart phone. I am sure this happens with all software developers and computer manufacturers, but errr! The iPhone might be the easiest smart phone in the world to use. But people have no clue how to use it.