PillowIt all started with Mel Carson tweeting an excellent question:

Are 7 pillows really necessary when in a hotel room. I only have 1 at home!

Some people like, Lisa Barone, prefer to have many pillows. I personally like to have a flat pillow.

In fact, I take one flat pillow, fold it in half and sleep more comfortably that way.

The other night, I ended up with my wife’s fluffy pillow and it didn’t work out too well. I had a stiff neck the next day. The next night, I made sure to give her back her pillow and retrieve mine.

I suspect I am out of the norm when it comes to pillow preference. I would assume most people prefer a fluffy pillow over a flat one? I would also assume people would prefer more than one pillow. I for one, prefer flat, dull, single pillows.

Which moves me to the next topic… Tuck or no tuck? Me, no tuck – 100%. I hate the tuck.

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  1. Manda Otto

    I concur on both the pillows and the tuck. In fact when I travel, I often pile the pillows on the nearest sofa/chase/chair with a note that says, “these can stay here while I’m residing, Thanks” on top. Sometimes it works.

    I wonder if it would work better if I hid them in the bathtub. Humm…

  2. David Wallace

    Oh, hate the tuck. In fact unless I’m in Chicago during December for SES or something or feverishly sick, I don’t sleep with covers period. Makes me feel claustrophobic.

  3. Andrew

    ONE PILLOW not flat not fluffy needs to be perfect

    i hate all the hotel pillows all we do with them is throw them on the floor every day

  4. Mel Carson

    AND the Hilton in Vegas forgot to clean my room yesterday so I now have 7 dirty pillows!! 🙁

    I’m deffo for the feather variety. Anyone used those memory foam ones?

  5. Adam Snider

    One flat pillow does it for me. Like you, I kind of fold it in half. I hate hotel pillows, because they’re usually too big and firm.

    I do like the tuck, however. It makes me feel secure or something. I dunno. I like it.

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