Jets to AFC ChampionshipThis time for a New York JETS fan is a bit unreal. Who would have thought they would be playing the Colts in the AFC Championship?

Who would have thought they would have won the final two games in the regular season to squeeze into the wild card slot? They had to beat the Bengels and the Colts to make that happen. Then they played the Bengels again in the wild card round and won. They beat the Bengels back to back. Then they go to San Diego and stun the west coast by beating the Chargers with two huge TDs in the 4th quarter. Just amazing. I was honestly in shock and amazement all night, including this morning.

JETS are one game away from the playoffs. Of course, they are playing the best team in the NFL next week. But hey – it is one game. The JETS are incredibly hot right now. Anything is possible. They can beat the Colts, it is possible.

Would I bet on it? No.

All those years of being a JETS fan and witnessing disappointment after disappointment… I just can’t imagine them winning. But to see what they have done in the past 4 games – they are looking really good. Am I confident? No way. Do I hope? Yes, I do.

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  1. Brother-In-Law

    As your brother-in-law, I respectfully request that the first post be removed immediately!

  2. Reuel

    We are totally excited about the championship game. It’s a very good shootout. I’ll pick them New Orleans Saints in a high scoring game.

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