Avatar the Movie - Going to See ItHappy New Years everyone!

Let me tell you how my New Years Day is/will look like for 2010.

5:30am : Wake Up & do wake up stuff
5:45am : Run through emails, do forum research, check feeds, etc.
6:25am : Morning prayers (at home, don’t know of early place to go on New Years)
6:50am : At work
7:00am : More emails, misc items, update misc blog posts
7:15am : Pay bill, do deposits from previous days, etc
7:30am – 9:30am : Bill my clients, so they get a nice New Years Day surprise
9:30am : Remove 2009 file cabinet contents and replace with 2010 storage
10am : Write this blog post
11am : Go to see Avatar with some of the RB team


3:30pm : Get home and scramble to get ready for Shabbos at 4:15pm

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