BarberI hate getting hair cuts, not cause I have a fear of getting stabbed with scissors but because I don’t care much about appearances (better yet, my appearance) and it takes time.

When I go to get haircuts, they ask me, “How do you like it?” I typically say, “FAST, please.” Typically, I am in and out of a haircut within 7 minutes.

This week, I went to get a haircut and it was a distaster! It may have been one of the best haircuts I ever got – but it took forever! I think it took at least 40 minutes, 40 minutes I’ll never get back. And many of you know how obsessed with time I can be.

The whole time, this barber was talking to me. I was being nice the whole time, responding and so on. Trust me, it was hard – he was talking about things that I found to be incredibly inappropriate. For example, he was telling me about how he does wedding parties and what extra stuff he does at those wedding parties. Now, I don’t need to hear that from a guy I just met. In any event, I talked to this guy about how many hair cuts he did, all his girlfriends, his girlfriend’s fathers, his schooling, education, and so on – heck, I even talked to him about his computer virus.

He then wanted to shave my face. I put my foot down. I said, no thanks. He said, “you really need it.” I said, I know, but no thank you. He then cleaned me up, continued chatting and finished up.

I asked him how much. He said $12. I gave him a $20 and said, “keep the change, goodbye.” I just walked out and didn’t give him a goodbye hug or anything. Heck, I know all about this guys personal life, from his girlfriends, childhood and even his computer viruses and all I said was “keep the change!”

I was rude – but ugh, 40 minutes!

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  1. andrew

    8 dollar tip WOW very very very generous

    but yes that is a LONG time for a haircut

    i am guessing u wont go back there

  2. Brian

    hahaha… the reason u said keep the change is because you didnt want to wait around any longer for him to make change and potentially strike up another convo.. we’ve all been there, good move on just getting out.

  3. Josh

    I usually don’t mind the long hair cuts provided there is no talking. No matter how quickly I wanted out I don’t think I’ve ever tipped that much, you really wanted out of there.

  4. Danielle

    Do you usually give your barber a goodbye hug?
    I usually tip about $20 to my stylist but I really like when they wash my hair and I get a little bit generous after that.
    Does not sound like you were terribly rude though…

  5. Scott

    Yeah, I could do without the talking as well. If I have to go for a haircut, I’d much rather spend the time letting my mind drift off, not listening to small talk.

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