Normally, when I write about the weather here, I will show a picture of the forecast or my car buried in snow (got a garage now) or the snow covering my deck – but now, I can just show you guys, nearby people Buzzing about it.

Yea, it snowed yesterday and how did I know it was snowing? People in my area, who were on Google Buzz couldn’t stop talking about it:

Buzzes in My Area, Yea Snow

On a more personal note, it was my kids first blizzard and we took her out for 5 minutes or so to play in the snow. It was cute, very cute.

And you can follow me on Google Buzz via my Google profile.

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  1. Ela


    Matei must feel like home then 🙂 Romania is also having it’s heaviest snows falls since 1985 😛

  2. Laurent

    This post reminds me of an old joke:
    Two computer geeks chatting on says “Have you seen it’s snowing?” the other answers “Nope please send the link to me!”

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