I am making a bold prediction that the winning iTunes song, where you can win a $10,000 iTunes gift card for downloading the 10 billionth song, will take place on February 23rd, Tuesday, in the morning.

Why am I so confident? Well, the geeks at RustyBrick built an algorithm to predict when exactly the 10 billionth iTunes song will be downloaded. In fact, they built a widget countdown that is updated every hour. We are constantly collecting data to make our predication better, every hour.

Our current best guess is on Tuesday, February 23rd at 11:00:10 AM (EST). That means there are 126.8881 songs downloaded from iTunes every second!

Here is the widget:

10 Billionth iTunes Song Countdown!

00 days 00 hours
00 minutes 00 seconds

Powered By RustyBrick.com

Do you think it is about right? I do.

To get the widget on your site, go to the RustyBrick blog and copy the code.

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