Happy Passover

Happy Passover everyone! I am offline tomorrow and the next day. Thursday, I am speaking at Market St. Louis and then heading back to New York later that day. Have a wonderful Passover!


I Go Through Mice Like… Next Up, Logitech M500

I seriously go through too many computer mice. Today, I got my new mouse – possibly considered a downgrade from what I had beforehand, the Logitech MX Revolutions – I got the Logitech M500. It is basically the same mouse with two main differences: (1) It is corded, not wireless. (2) It is missing the


Today I Turned 30 Years Old

Today is my birthday and today I turned 30 years old. Not sure what I can say about that, other than I am 30. I can, if I want, go to Wikipedia and source some interesting tidbits on 30, such as: 30 is the sum of the first four squares, which makes it a square


Let Your iPhone Keep Track of Your Celebs & Stars

Full disclosure: This iPhone app is an app we built for a client… Back in December, we launched an iPhone app for a client named WorldLive Mobile. The app was focused around compiling and aggregating the Tweets and MySpace feeds of their favorite HipHop stars. It not only showed you these feeds, but also hooked


Seeing Things In Slow Motion

During my teen years, I pretty much spent all my time around basketball. I was a die hard ball player. They called me a “gym rat” because during our 10 minute breaks between clases in High School, I was one of those who ran to the gym to shoot around for 9 minutes. When I


Meeting The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel’s SEO Team

When I was in Israel, I planned most my stay with the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel. I actually have stayed there a lot and it is a very nice hotel. The reasons I personally like this hotel is likely different from others. For me, it is between the Sheraton hotel (which just changed names) and the


My First Experience With a Circular Saw

On Friday, we had new carpeting installed in our home. I came home to find out that the closet door in the hallway would no longer open. The carpeting was above the bottom of the door so it simply couldn’t open. The carpeting guys did not tell a newish home owner that the door had


Baby Proofing

Yesterday, I spent a portion of the day baby proofing my house. Pretty much, all the electrical sockets have a baby proof piece of plastic insert. Many of the kitchen and bathroom floor level cabinets have those baby latches. And some of the drawers have those clamps, as shown in the picture above. I also


I’m a Bad Vacationer

For the past two weeks or so, I was on “vacation.” My wife, daughter and I went to Israel. We were there for a family Bar Mitzvah. Since I was coming in, I decided to run the SphinnCon Israel conference one of the days. I then also decided to hold some meetings with clients I


SMX SphinnCon in Jerusalem Post

About to get on a plane back to NY, but I wanted to quickly share the write up on the Jerusalem Post (a very large Israeli paper) on the SphinnCon event that took place Sunday. You can read it over here and here is a picture of it in my hand: